How to buy clothes that were made to last

Clothing is an essential item worn to cover one’s body. Clothing is now a fashion item worn to express one’s self. Clothes are made from different types of material depending on the intended design or the style. There are different types of fabrics used in making clothes and these fabrics are gotten from plants, animals or materials derived from fossil fuel-based crude oil. Buying a cloth can come with different challenges because it is difficult to tell which one is durable.

To buy clothes that would last, there are different things to look out for and they are

·    Buy from a reliable shop

When buying your clothes, it is important to buy from a shop that sells quality clothes from reliable brands. A shop that has taste and standards would only have clothes made from high-quality fabrics in their store.

·    They have a higher price tag

Clothes made from quality fabrics are expensive because they cost more to make such fabric. Trending clothes are expensive within a certain period but clothes that are made from high-quality material are not affected by time.

·    Check care labels

A care label does not only contain information on how to care for the cloth in terms of washing and ironing, it also contains information on the composition of the item. The care label tells you about the fabric used in making the cloth.

·    Feel the fabric

A cloth that is made from high-quality material feels good on the skin. It is important to make this check before purchasing a cloth. Rub the cloth on a sensitive part of your body (inside your wrist), a good material would be smooth and soft.

·    Hold your material against the light

One of the tips in checking for the quality of a material is to hold it up against a light. Good materials are thicker, fabrics with higher thread count will not let light through.

·    Avoid trends

Trends can make you pay more for less even though they are made from low-quality materials so, it is important to avoid them.

·    Look at the finishing

Clothes made from high-quality materials are sown with care so it is important to check the finishing whether it is properly sown. Clothes that would last would be sown properly and with good stitches. Buying a cloth with poor stitches would not last because the cloth would loosen after some time.

·    Know your material

If you are out to buy clothes, you need to know the material before you buy them. You can always check online to know how to identify different fabrics. For instance, if you want to buy a cloth that is made from cotton, you would have to look at the material closely, good cotton has a regular pattern of smooth rows.

·    Consider the brand

Some brands always retain quality in the production of their items. When buying clothes, you should patronize such brands when purchasing clothes since they would not jeopardize their brand’s name for money.