Is it Safe to Buy Cheap e-Smoking Devices?

Going by the price labels attached to some quality brands of e-Smoking devices, it could be a tempting option to go for cheaper offers on the internet. This article discusses some of the things you need to consider when opting to buy an e-smoking device.

The basic structure of an e-cigarette consists of:

  1. Cartridge
  2. Atomizer, and
  3. e-liquid

The cartridge and atomizer of an e-cigarette are broadly speaking inconsequential to the quality of the device, they merely enhance the user experience, and preference for a particular type is dependent on the aesthetical taste of the user.

Before placing an order for your vaping kit, we have some questions for your consideration.

Is information about the components and their percentile contents public?

Trust me; you can never be too careful. The e-liquid content of the typical vaping devices, upon atomization, produces vapor (or aerosol) containing propylene glycol, glycerin – accounting for about 95% of the total mass. Other accompanying substances are nicotine, flavors, and trace amounts of carcinogens, heavy metals, toxicants, and metal nanoparticles.

Cheap brands are suspected of containing considerable amounts of toxicants, making it a safe move to check for the e-liquid constituents before buying.

Why am I using the e-smoking device?

Some folks who found it challenging to quit smoking are known to use glycol- and nicotine-free e-cigarettes as a substitute for the real deal. However, research is yet to establish the effectiveness of e-smoking devices for this purpose. Nicotine-free smoking devices are likely to come at a higher price.

Studies have, however, shown that usage of e-cigarettes by first-time smokers is likely to make them subsequently go for actual cigarettes.

Is the device I am buying reusable?

Brands that produce reusable e-smoking devices sell their kits at a relatively higher price, relative to that of the disposable devices. But, the implication of this is that subsequent purchases would be much cheaper, as all the user needs to buy the next time around is the refill cartridge.

Has the product been approved for use by the FDA and AEMSA?

Regulatory bodies like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) were established to check manufacturers to ensure they follow best production practices in the production of articles meant for human consumption. These regulations imply that the manufacturer is constrained to produce only safe products, with a public declaration of the product contents. Brands that are not accredited by regulatory bodies, on the other hand, might offer lower prices for similar devices. But there is no telling of the hazardous components that might have gone into the manufacture of such inexpensive e-smoking devices.

Though e-cigarettes are not harmless, it has been established as safer than actual cigarettes. Several brands provide quality e-smoking devices, which have been accredited by regulatory bodies. But when you are particular about the price and quality of the e-cigarette you want to buy, do well to read more about Ecigmafia. On Ecigmafia e-commerce platforms, you can place orders for vapes, refill cartridges, or complete e-smoking sets for delivery to US locations within 24 hours.